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Terms & Conditions of Use of 1 Day Go Unlimited Wristbands

Definition of a 1 Day Go Unlimited Wristband

Harbour Park’s 1 Day Go Unlimited Wristband (“Go Unlimited Wristband” or “Wristband”) offers an individual guest the chance to ride as many times as they wish for one day. These Wristband Terms & Conditions also apply to Harbour Park Annual Pass Holders using their Wristband entitlement.

Go Unlimited Wristband Validity

An individual Go Unlimited Wristband is valid for one person only on the day it is issued to them. Wristbands are valid for one day. Wristbands are non-transferable between guests and attempts to do so will invalidate the Wristband without refund. Wristbands are validated by serial numbers and a hand stamp. Should hand stamps be washed off they can be reissued at the Gift Hut after a Wristband serial number check. Access to rides will only be given by operators when Wristband guests have the correct colour band for the day bearing the Harbour Park logo and an accompanying hand stamp. Without the hand stamp the Wristband is not deemed valid and entry to rides may be refused. Any Wristband that has been cut, stuck down, tampered with or is suspected of being forged could result in a guest or group being refused entry to attractions and/or being asked to leave the premises without refund.

Ride Closure and Unavailability

Guests should check the rides available for their visit prior to purchasing a Wristband. Refunds cannot be given for ride unavailability. Harbour Park will guarantee Wristband guests rides on attractions that are open that day between the hours of 1pm – 4pm. Outside of those times Wristbands may be used but attractions are liable to closure at Management’s discretion. All safety rules for all rides & attractions still apply. This includes but is not limited to height, age and disability access restrictions. These rules may be subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Management. All ride openings are subject to safety inspection, maintenance & weather conditions and may be closed, without notice or advertisement, for these or other reasons without refund or transfer of Wristbands. Harbour Park is open 363 days a year. However the rides are not. Opening times and dates for all services are published at www.harbourpark.com . Rides are open mainly in West Sussex school holidays Feb-Oct. Guests should check which facilities are open prior to travelling or booking online. If Harbour Park is forced to close due to circumstances beyond our control monies cannot be refunded.

Using the Wristband

The Wristband entitles the guest to ride a ride or attraction (when the attraction or ride is included within the Wristband offer) for one cycle. The guest must then dismount the ride and join the queuing system again. There is no priority queuing system at Harbour Park. Wristband holders must queue for rides and attractions in the same way as guests paying by other means. If a child is the bearer of the Wristband and is within the “accompanied only” height range, an over-16 years guardian, carer or parent (known as an “Accompanying Adult”) will be given a hand stamp allowing them to accompany the child free of charge. If the child is above the unaccompanied rider height restriction (1.2metres) no stamp will be given to an Accompanying Adult. Sharksville Adventure golf is included within the Wristband package for the holder only. “Accompanying Adult” status is not valid on this attraction. Non-Wristband holders may pay with Tokens or Tickets to play with a Wristband holder or accompany as a non-player. Use of coin-operated attractions, ride photography, seafront kiosks & arcades is not included in Wristbands.

General Harbour Park Guest Rules

Harbour Park reserves the right to refuse service or admission to any/all attractions to any guest if staff deem it unsafe for them to ride. This includes guests felt to be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Harbour Park will treat every guest with respect. In return we ask that guests treat our staff with respect. Harbour Park will not tolerate, and will seek prosecution of, any person assaulting, intimidating or verbally abusing staff, whatever their grievance.

Contacting Harbour Park

Harbour Park’s Gift Hut is the point of contact for all Wristband enquiries, purchases, collections, and reversals. VAT is included in the Wristband price. During opening hours you can talk to us in person at the Harbour Park Gift Hut. All queries outside of this should be directed to fun@harbourpark.com or telephone us during office hours on 01903 721200.

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