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The Operations Manager at Harbour Park will be happy to speak to any school or group organisers who are required to produce specific risk assessments for a trip to the seaside incorporating any and all facilities at Harbour Park. His experience and knowledge of the Park can save staff much time when they are required to produce these assessments. Please submit your request via the Contact Us page.

The quality and safety of all our rides and attractions at Harbour Park are of the utmost importance and therefore a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on making all visits a safe and fun experience. We check our rides and attractions every day we are open. We also have an independent inspector who comes periodically to check our rides and attractions.

The British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions was established in 1936 and since that time has continually promoted safe practice to all its members on every element of their operations. The Membership is comprised of almost all the major privately owned and operated attractions in the UK. A founder and continuous contributor to the Safety Guidance for Fairgrounds & Amusement Parks, produced by the Health and Safety Executive, BALPPA has ensured that its Members are updated with all aspects of safety relating to their operations. Among the foremost practices on safety is the qualified independent inspection of rides and attractions. Group organisers can be assured that when considering a visit to a BALPPA Member Park and Attraction, this vital requirement will be in place.

A requirement of BALPPA Membership is to provide an up-to-date safety certificate for all rides and attractions.

Find out more about BALPPA here.

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions delivers industry-leading training to promote safety. Harbour Park has been a member of IAAPA for over 35 years, and actively contributes to this international organisation that counts Disney amongst its members.

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